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August 8, 2011

New York State Workers' Compensation: Minor's Wage Expectancy

Section 14(5) of the New York State Workers' Compensation Law offers special protection to injured workers under the age of 25. The special protection allows the workers' actual earnings to be increased due to the potential that the worker would have had increased future earnings. In theory, someone under the age of 25 has likely not maximized their earning potential and this section of the law serves to protect the young worker.

Before minor's wage expectancy will apply a finding of permanency must be made.

If you are 25 years old or younger and have been injured at work do not assume that you will receive a fair resolution of your claim. Learn and protect your rights.

August 1, 2011

If The Insurance Companies' Nurse Is Following You To Your Doctor's Appointments...

The insurance company wants you to believe that they have assigned a nurse to your case to "help" you get the medical treatment and benefits that you are entitled to. Nothing could be further from the truth.

First, you have the right to notify the insurance company that you do not want the nurse case manager to contact you or chaperone you to your doctor appointments. In fact, one of the first orders of business when we are retained by a client is to notify the insurance company that we do not allow nurse case manager involvement with our clients.

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